Exporting DXF Files

 Exporting DXF Files

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DXF is a file format invented by AutoCad to import and export CAD data. Since AutoCad is one of the most widely used CAD programs in the world, most drawing and drafting programs support DXF files. For this reason, the Viewer allows you to export cave data in the DXF format. This means that you can use DXF files to transfer cave data to virtually any drawing and drafting program.


Understanding DXF. DXF files stand for "Drawing Exchange File" and a DXF file contains all the information needed to draw a 3D image of the cave. This means that the cave can be scaled, positioned and rotated in the program that receives the data. This is different from bitmap files,  which only allow you to display a fixed image of the cave.


DXF Options and Settings. There are many options and settings that control the format of the DXF file. For this reason, the DXF export Window is divided into four sections. Here are detailed descriptions of each section:




Options Section

Settings Section

Colors Section

Passage Section

Compatibility Issues



Note: 3D Passage options are set with the Walls Page