Materials Properties

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The Materials Page contains four sections. Here is a detailed description of each one:


Select Object. Each object in the scene can separate and distinct material properties. For this reason you have to choose which objects the changes you make will apply to.


The control displays a list of all objects the may be displayed in the 3D scene. To selection one or more objects, check the box to the left of the item.


Emission. This options controls how much light comes from inside the object. The more light that comes from inside the object the more the object appears to glow. The Red, Green and Blue values control the color of the glow.


Shininess. This option controls how well reflects off the object. The more light that is reflected off the object the shinier and more metallic the object appears.


D. Specular. When light reflects off an object, there is often shiny spot where the reflection appears brightest. The Specular option controls the size of the reflected bright spot.