Executing The Editor From Another Program

 Executing The Editor From Another Program

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Under some circumstances, it is useful to have another program run the Editor. This allows you to automate the editing process. For example, you might want to view the contents of a survey while you are running a data base program.


The Command Line. The editor can to be executed from any other Windows or DOS program that can execute external programs. Argument can be placed on the “Command Line” to control which file is opened by the Editor and which survey is displayed. If you specify a filename and a survey name, the filename should appear first and the survey name second. There must be a space character between the filename. For example:




This line specifies that the Editor should open the survey file GROAN.DAT and edit the "AA" survey in groaning cave. If you don't specify a filename or if the file cannot be opened, the program will run without running a file or editing a survey.