Compass Angle Units

 Compass Angle Units

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Compass angle units are used to specify the direction a shot is headed.


1. Degrees. This is the most common unit of measure for compass angle. Each circle is divided into 360 degree units. Degrees may be entered as a whole integer and a decimal fraction. Normally, degrees should be between 0 and 360 degrees.


2. Quads. This is a unit of measure that is often used by geologists. Some Brunton compasses are calibrated in this system. In this system, the compass is divided up into four quadrants. Each quadrant is bounded by two compass points and you can specify a particular quadrant by giving the compass points: North-East, North-West, South-East, and South-West. All angles start at the North or South points and increase to the East or West. To specify a compass angle, you begin with North or South and find the number of degrees the direction is to the East or West. For example, a compass angle of 200 degrees would be "South 20 degrees West." The directions are normally abbreviated with N, S, E, or W so the example would normally be written and entered "S20W".


3. Grads. Grads is a metric unit of measure. It is most often used outside the United States. In Grads, each circle divided into 400 units. You can enter Grads as a whole integer and a decimal fraction.