Corrected Backsights

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Redundant Backsights are normally the reverse of the foresight. This means that the back compass angle is rotated 180 degrees from the forward measurement. It also means that positive inclinations are changed to negative and vice versa. Some surveyors reverse the Backsight information in the cave to make it easy to compare to the Foresight and check for errors. When you convert a backsight like this, it is called a "Corrected Backsight." The Editor allows you to display and edit the Backsight measurements in either normal or "Corrected" form. You can change the settings in the Survey Settings Window.


Note, even though the Redundant Backsight option is saved with each survey, the Corrected Backsight option is not. It is, however, saved as a part of the System Settings. This means that you have to set the Corrected Backsight for each survey individually. It also means that you can set the default condition for Corrected Backsights.