Saving Perferences and Defaults

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Many aspects of the Editor’s operation are configurable to match your preferences. All of these preferences can be preserved so they become the default condition whenever you start the editor. The editor does this by saving all the settings to disk in a standard Windows "INI" file (caveed32.ini).


Data Format vs. Operational Preferences. The editor can be configured in two basic ways: Survey Data Format and Editor Operational Preferences. Both types of configuration information are saved and become the default setting whenever the Editor is run. So, for example, Measurement Units Shot Sequence and Editor Preferences are all saved.


1. Setting Survey Data Format. You can configure the Default Units and Shot Sequence by selecting the "Options | Default Settings (For New Surveys)" option from the menu bar. These settings only apply to newly create surveys and do not change the setting for the currently loaded survey. Like wise, the setting for the currently loaded survey are never saved as the default.


2. Saving Settings. You can save the current Editor settings by selecting "Options|Save Default User Settings" from the menu bar. Before you select this option, you should make sure that all the settings are the way you want them.


3. Restore Default User Settings. If you have changed the settings since the editor was started, you can restore the default settings at any time. You do this by selecting "Options|Restore Default User Settings" from the menu bar. This will restore the settings that were in effect the last time you saved the settings.


Remember that the Units, Sequence and Redundant Backsights settings only apply to new surveys. For example, if you set your defaults to meters and then edit a survey that was originally entered in feet, the program will revert to feet. This is because each survey contains information about what format was originally used to enter the data. Conversely, if you create a new survey, the editor will re-read the defaults and use them to configure the new survey.