International Support

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In addition to supporting metric measurement units, Compass supports the regional and international options built into Windows. For example, the date format in Compass follows the Windows Regional Settings. (You can control these settings using the Regional Settings options in the Windows Control Panel.)


Number Formats. In the United States, a period “.” is used as the symbol to separate the integer portion of a number from the decimal fraction. Other countries use different symbols. For example, many European countries use comma as the decimal separator. Compass uses the Windows Regional Settings when displaying and editing numbers. This means that if you have set Windows to use a comma "," for a decimal point, you can enter number using commas. For example, entering 12,5 would be understood as twelve and one half


Raw Data. The raw survey data in Compass data files (.DAT)  does not follow international conventions, no matter how Windows has been set.  Raw Compass data follows U.S. standards with a period as the decimal separate. This guarantees that all Compass files will be compatible no matter where they were generated.