Opening A Survey File

Opening A Survey File.

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Most of the time, the Project Manager automatically selects and opens your survey files in the Editor. However, in some instances, it is useful to open files directly from the Editor. (You can also create new surveys and files.) Here are step-by-step instructions for opening and editing an existing survey data file.


1.Select A File. You begin by selecting a file to edit. You do this by selecting "File|Open File" from the menu bar. You will be presented with the standard file-opening window. Select the folder and you wish to edit.


2. Select A Survey. After you have selected a file to edit, the Editor will read the file and compose a list of Survey Names in the file. This survey list will be displayed in "Survey List" window on the survey Select Page. To help identify each survey, the list also shows the Comment for each survey. To select a survey for editing, double click on the survey name in the list. The name will then appear in the "Working Survey" window in the lower right corner. When you are ready, click on the "Read Survey" button.


3. Editing the Header. The program will automatically switch to the Edit Heading page. Here you can make changes to the survey header and the format of the survey.


4. Editing Survey Shots. When you are ready to edit the actual survey, click on the "Edit Survey" tab at the top of the window. You can now edit or add shots to the survey.


5. Saving Changes. When you have finished editing the survey, you can save the changes you have made by selecting "File|Save Current File" from the menu bar.