Station Information

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This item allows you enter the station names at the ends of the shot. The two items consist of a "From" and "To" station. The “From” station is the location from which the compass and inclinometer are being aimed. The “To” station is the target for the compass and inclinometer. Ordinarily, the “From” station will already have been defined from the previous shot and the “To” station will be new. However, there are instance where this order will be reversed and the “From” station will be new and the “To” station will be previously defined. In this case, you simply enter the new station in the “From” column and the old station in the “To” column. There is no need to reverse any of your measurements. Compass automatically sort out the sequencing. (As a rule of thumb, just remember that the location of the instruments is at the From station.)


Station Name Requirements:


1. Name Length. Station names can be up to 12 characters long. Names longer than 12 characters may be truncated to 12 by various parts of Compass.


2. Valid Characters. Station names can be letters, numbers or symbols. For example: AB23++ is a valid station name. The forward slash "/" can cause problems with certain Compass programs because it is considered a comment character.. Specifically, it cannot be used for a Fixed Station, because the Project Manager uses a forward slash as the comment character. In other places, it is okay, but it is probably best to avoid it entirely.


3. Character Case. Stations names are case sensitive. In other words, capital letters are different from lower case letters. For example, AB23 is different from ab23.