Survey Date

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This is the date the survey was done. Compass programs like the viewer use the date. For example, you can selectively color or exclude surveys based on the date.


Validating Dates. The Editor checks for a valid date as you enter them and will attempt to correct any errors or ambiguities. It also does the same thing as the surveys are read from the disk. Dates can have several types of problems. For example, zero is not allowed for the month or day and the day February 31st is always invalid.


Two Digits Dates. Dates that are specified by two digits are ambiguous. For example, “01” could mean 2001, 1901, 1801 etc. As a result, the Editor will interpret a two-digit date entered from the keyboard as being in the current century. Two digit dates that are read from survey files are interpreted differently. If the two-digit date is greater than the current two-digit version of the date, it will be interpreted as being in the 1900’s. If it is equal or less than the current two-digit date, it will be interpreted as being in the 2000’s. Thus, 01 would be interpreted as 2001 but 10 as 1910. You can force the date to be any date back 2000 years by typing a four-digit date.