The Animation File Page

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Once you have created a animation, you can save the animation to a Windows AVI on disk. AVI files are Windows movie files that can be played on standard movie players. They can also be converted to MPEG and other formats for display on the Internet.


Saving. To save a movie file, click-on the Save AVI button on the File page. AVI files are normally saved with the extension "AVI'. The frame rate of the AVI file is controlled by the Frames Per Second option.


Compression Versus Quality. AVI files can use various degrees of compression to reduce the size of the file on disk. However, compression also reduces the quality of the image. For this reason, you have the options setting the compression value.


Since caves images usually consist of a series of fine lines, you want to be careful how much compression you use. If you use too high a compression value, pieces of the lines will disappear. Also, when you are playing back an AVI file in one of the media players, be sure to run the media player in full screen mode. Otherwise,  some lines may be lost as the media plays tries to fit the movie in a smaller window.


If you want to work with lots of large movie files, make sure you have lots of disk space. One option for reducing the size of the AVI file is switching your video card to lower resolutions. For example, reducing the resolution from 800 by 600 resolution to 640 by 480, can reduce the file size by 50%.