Measuring Total Lengths

 Measuring Total Lengths.

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It is often useful to measure the travel distance between two points in the cave. Since passages often curve around, you cannot measure travel distance by measuring the straight-line distance between two points. For this reason, the Viewer allows you to measure distances one shot at a time and total the result.


Measuring Distances. To measure the distance along a curving passage carryout the following steps:


1. Press the "Clear" button to clear the total distance.

2. Enable the "Alternate Cursor" option.

3. Move the cursor to the starting point

4. Click-on the "Near Station" button.

5. Move the cursor to the next station.

6. Click-on the "Near Station" button again.

7. Press the "Add" button.


Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 until you reach the destination. The Total displayed will be the travel distance between the two points.