Printer or Plotter setup

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The Viewer allows you to configure your printer or plotter to suit your needs. To do this, select the "File"|"Printer Setup" option from the menu. This option allows you to configure things like the printer mode, plotter pens, paper size etc. It also allows you to select a particular printer or plotter if you have more than one device connected to your computer.


The COMPASS Printer. It is important to understand that plotting cave plots is different from other printing tasks on your computer. For example, you may be using a plotter for your cave plots, but you would never use a plotter for word processing. For this reason, the Viewer allows you to pick a default printer that is different from your normal Windows default printer. You do this by selecting the printer as described above and then using the Save User Defaults options. See the discussion on Printer Setup Problems for more detailed information.