Resetting Pans and Zooms

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Sometimes you will be zoomed or panned so far that you can no longer tell where you are in the cave. There are two options that are useful. First of all, you can return to Overview Mode. This will allow you to see the whole cave with the Selection Box showing you exactly what you were looking at. You can return to Overview mode by hitting the Escape key on the keyboard, or by selecting "Draw"|"Over View" from the menu bar.


Reseting. Another option is to completely reset the program. This returns all the pans, zooms, and rotations to the starting condition. To reset the display, hit the Insert key or select "Draw|Reset Zoom/Pan". You can also reset individual items by click-on individual items on the status bar. For example, you can reset the rotation of the cave to zero by click-on the "Angle" item in the status bar.