Viewing Link Data

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If you select the "Map" page of the "Cave To Surface Linker," the program will display a window called the "Link Window" showing a contour map of the current surface data. The "Link Window" gives you a much more detailed view of the terrain. The "Link Window" displays the terrain as topographic contour lines like the main window, but the main window has a limited ability to zoom and cannot draw contour lines between the points. The Link Window can zoom infinitely and draw topographic lines between elevation points.


Contour Interval/Zoom Factor. In the Link Window, you have control over the contour interval, and the zoom factor. The Zoom factor is specified as the number of screen pixels between elevation points. The larger the number the more spacing between points. For example, if the zoom factor is set to 10, there are 10 pixels between elevation points. You can also view the locations of elevation point by checking the "Mark Points" box.


Clipping The Data. If you find that the area you have selected is larger than you wanted, you can trim data to fit your needs. To trim the data, you need set the clip box to include the part of the terrain you want. To display the clip box, select the "Clip Box" option from the "Cursor Options" box. Once this is set, you can click anywhere on the map and drag the mouse to form a box. Once the box is in place, you reposition and resize the box. Dragging the center of the box will move the whole box without resizing it. Clicking on the sides and corners will allow you to change the dimensions of the box.


When you are satisfied that you have enclosed the area you want, click on the "Clip To Box" button. This will trim the data to the box.