Closure Summary

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This is a summary of data about the cave from the perspective of the Loop Closure. It applies to all the files that have been processed. The following example illustrates a typical data summary.




Number Of Files =        1

Number Of Surveys =     29      Number Of Shots =   273

Closeable Shots =      273      Excluded Shots =      0

Number Of Loops =       14      Uncloseable Loops =   0

Zero Length Loops =      0



There are eight items in the data. Here is a description of each item:


Number Of Files. This is number of files that were processed to produce the statistics and the closed data files. It does not count the project file itself, but it does include all the files included in the project file.


Number Of Surveys. This is the number of distinct surveys processed. Only surveys with separate header information counted. If you have merged surveys together and eliminated the survey header information, it will only count as a single survey.


Number Of Shots. This is the number of shots that have been processed.


Closeable Shots. This is the number of shots that could be closed. In other words, this is the number of shots that have not been excluded from closing or that are not zero length shots.


Excluded Shots. This is the number of shots that have been excluded from the loop closing process.


Number Of Loops. This is total number of distinct loops as defined by the Compass loop closure algorithm. They are not minimal loops, but the loops that are defined by the natural survey order process.


Uncloseable Loops. This is the number of loops that cannot be closed because it consists entirely of excluded shots or zero length shots.


Zero Length Loops. This is number of loops where the length of the loop is zero. Zero length loops usually result from an error in the survey process.