Copying Projects

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The Project Manager has a feature that makes it easy to copy whole projects to a different folder, a different drive or even a floppy disk. You can, of course, do this with Windows tools, but this method is quicker and easier. The power of the "copy" feature is that it copies all the files you need in the project all at once.


To copy a Project, select the "File|Copy Project" option from the menu bar. The Copy Project tool will only be available if there is a file or project open in the Project Manager. The Copy tool screen is divided into two sections:


1. Files To Be Copied: This list displays all the files that will be copied as a part of the Project. Only files essential to the project will be copied since all other files can be regenerated. You cannot modify this list.


2. Select Destination Folder. This section is used to select a destination folder for all the project data. It displays all pertinent information about the destination folder. It shows the Drive, Folders, Path and a list of files that are already in the destination folder. You can select a new folder by clicking one the “Folders:” and “Destination Drive” displays. You can also type the information directly into the “Destination Folder” edit box. If you type the path directly into the edit box and the folder does not exist, the program can automatically create it for you. Note: You must create new folders one at a time. In other words, you cannot enter the name of two folders at the same time.


Copying. To do the actual copying, you just select the proper destination folder and then press the “Okay” button. All the files will be copied to the destination folder.


Remember that the Project Manager does not automatically open a copied project. To use the copied project, you have to use the “File|Open Project/Data File” option from the menu bar and locate the newly copied project.