File Format - Parameters

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There are two additional parameters that can be specified in a Project File. Each one is specified by a special character. The information is terminated with a semicolon “;”. Here is a list of the parameters:


UTM Convergence. UTM coordinates work by superimposing a grid on the surface of the earth. Because of the fact that the earth is a sphere, this grid will not be aligned to true north in some places. Since some maps may be aligned to UTM grid north instead of true north, COMPASS offers the option of aligning the cave to the UTM grid. The amount of misalignment from true north is called the “Convergence Angle.” This value is generally calculate by COMPASS if you are using UTM coordinates and kept in a Project File. The Convergence Angle parameter begins with a percent sign (%) and ends with a semicolon (;). The convergence value is found inside the percent-semicolon pair and can be any ASCII fixed or floating point number. For example:




UTM Zone. The UTM coordinate system divides the world up into zones. This parameter allows you to specify the zone that will be used for the fixed stations defined in the project file. The Zone parameter begins with a dollar sign ($) and ends with a semicolon (;). The Zone value is found inside the dollar-semicolon pair and can be any ASCII integer value. For example: