Copying Or Moving Surveys Between Files

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Copying surveys between files allows you to reorganize your surveys. For example, you might want to split a cave up into separate sections with each section in a different file.


Copying. There are several ways to copy surveys between files. Generally, you begin by selecting a survey to be copied from Source List and a location where the survey will be copied in the Destination List.  You do this by clicking on the list to highlight the specific survey. You can then copy the survey by clicking on the "Copy" button that appears between the lists. This will copy the highlighted survey for the Source List and place at the highlight in the destination list.


Dragging. You can also copy by clicking on the survey you want to copy from the Source List and then, keeping the left mouse button down, "dragging" the survey to its destination. When you reach the destination, simply release the left mouse button and the survey will be "dropped" at that point.


Copying Multiple Surveys. You can copy more than one survey at a time. You do this by selecting more than one source survey. There are two ways to select more than one survey at a time. First, you can select several separate surveys by holding down the Control-Key and then clicking on each survey that you want to select. You can also select a range of surveys all at once. You do this by clicking on the first survey in the range. You then, hold down the Shift Key and click on the last survey in the range. This will highlight all the surveys in the range between the two. Once you have selected several surveys this way, you can copy them all by clicking on the Copy button between the list. You can also "drag" multiple surveys between lists. Just release the Control or Shift key if you had it down, and then click on one of the highlighted surveys and drag the survey to the destination list.


Moving Surveys. At one point, COMPASS would allow you to move surveys between files in one operation. However, this proved to be too dangerous and people had a tendency to lose surveys in the process. If you want to move surveys, first, copy the survey from the Source List to the Destination and save the result. Finally, you open the source file in the Destination list and delete the survey you copied.