Using LRUDs With the "To" Station

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Most cavers in the United States measure the Left, Right, Up and Down passage dimensions at the From or first station in a shot. For this reason, the Compiler usually associates the LRUD data with the From station. However, in some parts of the world, people measure LRUD’s at the To station. For this reason, COMPASS gives you the options of associating LRUD’s with the To station.


Because there is only one LRUD per shot, there is always one less LRUD than there are stations. This is usually handled by entering a zero length shot with missing LRUD. The location of these missing LRUD’s is determined by whether the LRUD is associated with the From or To station.


If the LRUD’s are associated with the From station, the missing LRUD will be on the last shot in the survey. If the LRUD’s are associated with the To station, the missing LRUD will appear on the first station, and on the last backsight in a series of backsights.