Manually Linking Multi-File Surveys

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It is sometimes useful to manually link together several survey files without generating a make file. This option is rarely used, but it is still handy in some instances. Basically, this option works by processing individual files one at a time. The program prompts you for each individual filename and links to the new file.


To manually process a series of files select the "File|Link Files Manually" option from the menu bar. The program will display the Manual Link dialog box. To select the first file for processing, click the cursor on the "Select A File" button. This will allow you to browse through your disks looking for a file. Select a file and click on the OKAY button. Because this is the first file, there is no need for links, so the Link Grid is disabled. When you are ready to compile this file, click on the "Compile" button. The program will compile the selected file.


When the compile is complete, the Manual Link dialog box will re-appear. You now can select the next survey file just like before. The Link Grid will now be enabled, so you can enter the linking stations to the next file. Determining the linking stations is described in detail in the Project Manager help files. The linking station name is entered in left column. If the station is to be a fixed location, the north, east and vertical location is entered in the next three columns. The units can be feet or meters as selected by the buttons below.


After you have selected the next file and entered any linking information, click on the "Compile" button to process the next segment. The list box in the middle of the window shows the names of the files that have been processed. This helps you keep track of where you are in the process. When you have processed all the files, just click on the "Done" button.