Station Sequences

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If you are managing the data for a large cave system, keeping track of which station names have been used and which are free can be daunting. This option displays a list of stations that have been organized into sequences that make it easy to see which station name have been used and which are available.


Sequences. Most survey station are composed of sequences of letter or numbers. For example, “A1, A2, A3, A4” would be a typical station sequence. Compass would display this sequence as “A(1-4)”. The program can also show alphabetical sequences like “A2(a-f)”. (Thanks to Peter Bosted for the idea and the basic algorithm.)


Here is a sample list of station sequences:


Station Sequences:


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A(10-26)Red   CB16(A-G)  CHA(1-33)   CT(1-6)   EBAA(1-3)

A(1-14)       CBA(1-5)   CHA1(A-F)   D(1-31)   EBB(1-7)

A(15-26)Blue  CBR(1-5)   CHA20(A-D)  D15a      EBB3A

A(17-23)      CBS(1-7)   CHA25(A-G)  D19(A-E)  EBC(1-8)

A(28-32)Blue  CBT(1-6)   CHA29(A-B)  D20R      EC(1-42)

A(28-32)Red   CBZ(1-5)   CHA3(A-D)   D20X      EC(38-39)B

A(34-36)Blue  CBZ1A      CHA5(A-D)   D28a      EC(38-39)B1

A(34-36)Red   cc(1-4)    CHA7A       D5a       EC(38-39)B2