Station Coordinates

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This item displays the coordinates of each station in the cave. It is sometimes used for map drawing or measuring the distance between two passages in a cave. If you are processing multiple linked files, it only stations processed in the last file.


The display lists each station and the coordinates for that station relative to the origin of the cave. The coordinates can be in either feet or meters; and they represent the distance north of the origin, east of the origin or vertical from the origin. Negative numbers indicate west, south or below the origin. The Parent is the station that connects the specified station to the rest of the cave. Finally, the “To Entrance” values is the distance from the station to the entrance of the cave. This value is not the straight-line distance, but the distance required to walk through all the surveys to reach the station. The statistic is based on the route that was first used to get to the station. It ignores any more recently surveyed short cuts. Here is an example:



Index  Station   Parent  east  north  vertical to entrance


0           A1      Ent   0.0     0.0    0.0 ft     0.0 ft

1           A2       A1  17.1     8.5  -10.2 ft    21.7 ft

2           A3       A2  23.2    30.4  -17.1 ft    45.5 ft

3           A4       A3  12.3    37.5  -20.2 ft    58.8 ft

4           A5       A4  22.9    46.0  -23.6 ft    72.8 ft

5           A6       A5  54.3    37.3  -28.2 ft   105.7 ft

6           A7       A6  70.7    26.7  -20.3 ft   126.8 ft

7           A8       A6  85.6    45.1  -21.9 ft   138.6 ft

8           A9       A8  90.8    63.5  -20.6 ft   157.8 ft

9          A10       A9  71.2    65.8  -33.7 ft   181.5 ft

10         A11      A10  71.7    74.6  -36.2 ft   190.8 ft