Step-By-Step, Edit and View A Survey Project.

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Survey Project files are used when you are working with a large cave or a system containing many caves. In a survey project, the surveys are contained in several survey files. These instructions will show you how to edit and/or view a survey project file.


1. Open A Project File. Begin by opening a Project File. You can do this by selecting the "File|New Project" option from the menu bar. The Project Manager will then display the survey tree for the project. Remember that you can use this dialog box to change drives and folders to find the project file you are looking for.


2. Enter Data For A New Survey. Begin by enabling the "Show Surveys" option and double click on the Survey Data File in the tree to expand the tree and display the surveys inside the file.


You can add a new survey to any of the Survey Data files by highlighting the appropriate file and clicking on the "Add Survey" icon on the tool bar or by selecting the "Edit|Create New Survey" from the menu bar. Once you have created a new survey, click on the newly created survey to highlight it and then click the "Edit Cave Survey or File" button. This will take you to the Survey Editor. Enter your survey data, save the data and exit from the editor.


3. Create New Surveys Files. You can also add new survey files to the project. Begin by highlighting the location within the tree where you want the file to be placed. Now click "Create New File" icon. You can also do this by selecting the "Edit|Insert New Survey File" option from the menu bar. Make sure that you save these files in the folder you will be using for the project.


4. Process The Data. Highlight the item in survey tree you want to view. You highlight an item by clicking on it. With a project, you can select either the Project File or one of the Survey Data Files. If you select the project file, you will view all the files in the project. If you select one of the data files, you only view that data. Once you have selected the file, click the "Process And View Cave" button. The data in your file will be processed and then displayed by the Viewer.