Suspended Stations

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This item lists all the shots that had to be suspended while processing the survey file. The program prints the parent station for each suspended station in the shot. This is useful for determining how to rearrange shots and surveys so that there will be fewer suspended shots.


This is example of the suspended station printout:




Index From  Parent   To  Parent Connected


0      DG1     DG2  DG2     DG3       Yes

1      DG2     DG3  DG3     DG4       Yes

2      DG3     DG4  DG4     DG5       Yes

3      DG4     DG5  DG5    DG17       Yes

4      DG5     DG6 DG17     DG5       Yes

5      DG6     DG7  DG5     DG6       Yes