Using The Path.

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Most of the time, the Project File will be in the same folder as the survey files you are processing. If this is the case, only the file name needs to appear in the project. However, if the project file is in one folder, and some of the data files are in another folder, you have two choices. You can either Import the data into the same directory as the project or use both the file name and the path name in the project. Using the path name has the advantage of keeping different parts of the project separate.


As an example of using paths, let's say you have a project where you want to view three caves: Cat Cave, Dog Cave and Cow Cave. Let's also say that Cat and Dog are in the same folder, but Cow is in a different folder. If you put the project file for these caves in the same folder as Cat and Dog, pathnames are not needed for these caves. However, since Cow is in a separate folder, the full path must be used. Here's how it would look:






You can have the browser automatically add the path by clicking on the "Use Full Path" check box. Using the full path is very useful because it allows you to combine cave files from anywhere on your disk. The one disadvantage of using the full path is that if you move any of the files to a different folder, you must change the path in all of the projects that use the file. (For more information on files, folders and path, refer to Windows help or a book on Windows.)