Version Numbers

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Compass maintains version numbers for all its programs. The version numbers change each time the software is update. Thus, you can precisely determine which version you are using. You can view version numbers by selecting the “Help|About” option from the menu bar.


The version number consists of five numbers each separated by a period. Here is a detailed explanation of the meaning of each number:


1. Major Version Number. This number identifies major changes or revisions in the software. It changes at most once a year.


2,3,4. Creation Date. This number displays the date the software was last modified and compiled. The first number is the year, the second number is month and the final number is the day.


5. Build Number. The number gives the number of times software has been built (compiled) since version numbers were implemented. This is useful because the software may be modified and compiled more than once a day. Thus, you differentiate between two versions created on the same day.