Viewing Geo-referenced Coordinates

 Viewing Geo-Referenced Coordinates

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When you create a project referenced to a geographic coordinate system, all survey stations in the cave will have positions relative to the fixed stations. You can view these locations in the Viewer.


Elevations. If you have set the elevation of the fixed stations to their altitude above sea level, all the station elevations will be displayed with their elevation above sea level. This means that if you press the "Label Elevations" button on the Viewer Tool Bar, the elevations labels next to each station will give the elevation of the station above sea level.


Locations. If you have referenced a fixed station to UTM or other GPS coordinate, all the station locations in the cave will be the actual geographic locations. You can also find any East, North or Vertical coordinate in or around the cave using the Measuring Tool. Just select "Tools|Measure Distances/Angles" from the menu bar. You can take this information to the surface and use a GPS receiver to locate the position of various rooms and passages in the cave.