Adobe Illustrator

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Adobe Illustrator is a drawing program similar to Inkscape. It is useful for drawing cave map because it can import and export SVG file. Click here for a comparison of Illustrator and Inkscape.


Working With Illustrator.


1. File Loading Issues. One issue with Illustrator is the fact that early versions didn't handle SVG very well. Specifically, Illustrator version 10, CS1, and CS2 will have problems importing SVG cave maps. In Illustrator version 10 and CS1 the map may be displayed upside down. In Illustrator CS2, you may get an error that says "Clipping will be lost on roundtrip to Tiny" error.  In Illustrator CS2, you may find that the map is not centered in its frame or the frame is too small for the map. To solve these problems, Compass allows you to export an SVG map in a mode that makes it compatible with early versions of Illustrator. To make your SVG map compatible with versions 10, CS1 and CS2, check the "10/CS1/CS2 Compatible" box in the Export Section.


2. Files Saving Issues. When you save an SVG file in Illustrator, there are several different option you can use. Using the wrong options can cause problem later on. In general, set the SVG options as follows:



it is important the SVG file be saved in a certain way, otherwise you may have trouble reloading the file into Illustrator at a later date. This is because if the sa


w2d_def should never be deleted or modified. If it is deleted, it is almost impossible to restore.