Intrinsic-110 AllocateBitmap

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110: Handle:= AllocateBitmap;        


This intrinsic allocates a new Bitmap and returns its handle. The newly allocated bitmap has a width and height of zero, so you must use the SetBitmapSize intrinsic or the LoadBitmap intrinsic before you use the bitmap. The newly created bitmap will be all white after its size is set with the SetBitmapSize intrinsic. The font attributes for the newly created bitmap will be the same as the default operating system font. In other words, the font will default to an 8 point, san-serf font with black colored letters and a transparent background.


To set the font to match the screen font, use the CopyFont intrinsic described below. Note, that the screen font normally has white characters, and if you write text against the default bitmap colors, the characters will be invisible.