Device 4 Details

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Device 4 sends and receives data to and from any available serial port.


OpenI, OpenO. Executing the OpenI or OpenO intrinsics for device channel 4 displays a dialog box that enables a user to select a serial port and set the baud rate, number of data bits, parity and stop bits for that port. The port can be any port on the computer including virtual ports such as USB serial ports.


Output. Any output to device 4 sends characters to the selected serial port. The output is buffered, so output calls using device 4 return immediately.


Input. Any input from device 4 receives characters from the selected serial port. The input has a 2048-byte buffer, so the program doesn't need to keep up with the  rate of the input stream. If no characters are available, calls wait until characters are received.


Click here for a code example using device 4.