Editor Key Commands and Macros

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The EXPL editor has two types of commands: Immediate Mode commands and Deferred Mode commands.


1. Immediate Mode. The editor always starts in Immediate Mode. Immediate Mode commands are those that operate directly on the text. The majority of these commands are non-printing control characters. They can also be non-ASCII keystrokes such as Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, the Arrow Keys and the Function (Fn) keys. They can also be any combinations of Ctrl and Alt. Here is detailed information about the Immediate Mode commands:


Immediate Mode

Immediate Commands


2. Deferred Mode. Deferred Mode commands are not executed immediately. They are entered into the Command Line one at a time and only executed when the line is finished. They can also be executed by typing Ctrl+G or by clicking on the Execute button at the beginning of the command line. You can switch to Deferred Mode from Immediate Mode by hitting Esc or by clicking the mouse cursor on the Command Line.


Deferred Mode

Deferred Commands

Command Line Editor Keys