Example Program: RECORDS (Advanced)

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Because of the flexibility of XPL0 arrays, record structures can be made. A record structure is an array that contains elements of different types. In XPL0, integers and reals cannot both appear in a single array. However, integer values can be used to represent such diverse things as numbers, addresses of strings, and elements of a set.


Here is a program that combines the concept of sets with constant arrays and complex data structures.



        code    ChOut=8, CrLf=9, Text=12;


        int     File, Person;


        def \Person\    Name, SS, Sex, Birth, Dependents, Status;


        def \Name\      Last, First;

        def \Sex\       Male, Female;

        def \Birth\     Month, Day, Year;

        def \Status\    Married, Widowed, Divorced, Single;


        def \Month\     Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun,

                        Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec;



        begin   \Main

        File:=[ [ ["WIRTH", "NIKLAUS"],



                   [Aug, 30, 1944],


                   Married              ],


                [ ["BOREAL", "LENNY"],



                   [Oct, 22, 1948],


                   Single               ],


                [ ["MUPPET", "PIGGY"],



                   [Feb, 25, 1955],


                   Single               ] ];


        for Person:= 0, 2 do

            if File(Person,Sex)=Female & File(Person,Status)=Single then


                Text(0, "MISS ");

                Text(0, File(Person,Name,First));

                ChOut(0 ,^ );

                Text(0, File(Person,Name,Last));



        end;    \Main


This program scans File for nubile females (and old maids) and produces the following output:




The program begins by defining the elements of the set Person. The elements that describe Person are: Name, social security number (SS), Sex, date of Birth, number of Dependents, and marital Status. Some of these elements are in turn defined as consisting of sub-elements. Name, for instance, consists of a Last name and a First name.


All these elements are mapped into the locations of the constant array called "File". The "def" declaration provides names for these locations (subscripts): Name=0, SS=1, Sex=2, etc. File consists of three major elements, or records, of "data type" Person.