Intrinsic-92 GetPathInfo

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92: GetPathInfo(Drive,Path,MaxLength);


This intrinsic is used to retrieve the current default path information. Here is a description of the arguments:


Drive: This value specifies the drive of the path that is returned. If the Drive value is zero, it returns the path for the default drive. Other values are interpreted as follows:


Value        Drive

0        Default

1        A

2        B

3        C


Path: This string argument receives the path string. It should be an EXPL char-type variable, and you must reserve enough characters to hold the arguments.


MaxLength: This argument specifies the maximum number of characters the intrinsic can store in the string. This value should be the same as the number of characters that you reserved for the String variable. If the specified path is longer than MaxLength, the argument will be truncated to MaxLength.


Note: GetPathInfo performs no error checking. For example, if the "J" drive is specified (5) and there is no "J" drive on the computer, the intrinsic would return "J:\" even though the drive and directory don't exist.