Immediate Mode Summary

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All Immediate Mode Commands, in order:


F1 = Get last command line

F2 = Get next command line

F3 = Unused

F4 = Unused

F5 = Insert scoop

F6 = Unused

F7 = Unused

F8 = Erase scoop

F9 = Mark location in text

F10 = Move to last marker


Backspace = Delete back a character

Del = Delete ahead a character

Down Arrow = Down a line

Esc = Enter command-line mode

Ins = Toggle insert or overwrite mode

Left Arrow = Back a character

Page Down = Move one page down

Page Up = Move one page up

Right Arrow = Forward a character

Up Arrow = Up a line


Ctrl-F1 = Copy Windows clipboard to scoop

Ctrl-F2 = Copy scoop to Windows clipboard

Ctrl-F9 = Word search backward

Ctrl-F10 = Word search ahead


Ctrl-A = Ahead a character

Ctrl-B = Move to last word

Ctrl-C = Delete back a word

Ctrl-D = Ahead to end of edit buffer

Ctrl-E = Back to start of edit buffer

Ctrl-F = Finish a scoop-up

Ctrl-G = Re-execute command line (Go)

Ctrl-H = Delete back

Ctrl-I = Tab

Ctrl-J = Jump ahead a page (PgDn)

Ctrl-K = Kick back a page (PgUp)

Ctrl-L = Insert form feed (new page)

Ctrl-N = Move to next word

Ctrl-O = Undelete/Undo any change

Ctrl-P = Save and reload current file.

Ctrl-Q = Back a character

Ctrl-R = Start (or Resume) a scoop-up

Ctrl-S = Down a line

Ctrl-T = Display control chars (on/off)

Ctrl-U = Indent same as line above

Ctrl-V = Paste the contents of the clipboard

Ctrl-W = Up a line

Ctrl-X = Delete back a line or cut to clipboard if text is highlighted

Ctrl-Y = Insert scoop and empty it

Ctrl-Z = Shift case and move ahead


Ctrl-] = Change search case sensitivity

Ctrl-^ = Always insert next keystroke

Ctrl-_ = Reverse search direction

Ctrl-Brk = Break out of a command-line loop

Ctrl-Up-Arrow = Scroll window up a line without moving cursor

Ctrl-Down-Arrow = Scroll window down a line without moving cursor


Ctrl-Shift-B = Move to last word (*)

Ctrl-Shift-C = Delete back a word

Ctrl-Shift-D = Toggle box-character mode

Ctrl-Shift-F = Finish column scoop and blank

Ctrl-Shift-N = Move to next word (*)

Ctrl-Shift-R = Start column scoop-up

Ctrl-Shift-X = Delete ahead a line

Ctrl-Shift-Y = Insert column scoop and empty

Ctrl-Shift-O = Redo

Ctrl-Up-Arrow = Scroll up a line


Alt-F1 =  Display help summary

Alt-F2 =  Display ASCII chart

Alt-F3 = Show status lines (off/on)

Alt-F5 = Insert column scoop

Alt-F7 = Scroll text (on/off)

Alt-F9 = Copy word-search to command line

Alt-F10 = Copy word-search to command line