Intrinsic Code Generator

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In order for an XPL program to compile, the programmer must supply a set of intrinsic declarations, usually in the form of an include file. However, since every version of XPL has a different set of intrinsics, it is easy to end up using the wrong intrinsic files with the wrong version of XPL.


To help solve this problem, EXPL has the ability to generate a set of intrinsic declarations directly from the low-level intrinsic code. This means that the intrinsic declarations are guaranteed to include only those intrinsic functions that are actually available in the specific version of the language. Likewise, the intrinsic declarations are guaranteed to automatically include every intrinsic, even new and recently added intrinsics.


To access the Intrinsic Declaration generator, select the Tool -> Intrinsic Code Generator option from the menu bar.




Include Prototypes. Enabling this option causes the generator to include prototypes that are used to test intrinsic arguments for the correct number and type. If the option is disabled, the generator creates a file using the old format without arguments.


Generate Button. Pressing the Generate button will display the intrinsic declarations for the current version of EXPL. You can then copy and paste the text into a program.


Save-To-File Button. Pressing the Save To File button will let you save the intrinsic declarations to a file so they can be included with other programs.