True and False (Advanced)

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When a comparison is made, it produces a true or false value, like 2 + 3 produces the value 5. The reserved word "false" is just another way to represent the integer 0, and likewise "true" is equal to -1 (=$FFFF).


Using these concepts and adding the new variable High, the previous example from the GUESS program can be rewritten as:


        High:= Guess > Number;

        if High = true then Text(0, "Too high")

        else Text(0, "Too low")


Going one step further, since High is assigned either true or false and since:


        true = true    is true




        false = true    is false,


the "if" statement can be simplified as:


        if High then Text(0, "Too high")

        else Text(0, "Too low")