I. SHAREWARE. COMPASS is shareware software. It is not public
domain software, and it is not free software. Un-registered
users are given a limited license to use COMPASS to determine
if it is suitable for their needs. If you want to use COMPASS
for any purpose other than evaluation, you must register.

Registration licenses you to use COMPASS on a regular basis.
It also entitles you discounts on printed manuals, special
promotions, and mailed notification of updates.

II. BASIC REGISTRATION. Registration for the basic Windows
package costs $25. This will give you everything you need to
enter, edit, view, analyze and manipulate cave surveys.

III. COMBINED REGISTRATION. Combined registration for all Compass
programs including Window, DOS, Database, DEM Reader and
CaveX is $40. These programs will give you the extended
capability of generating databases of cave features and
adding 3D terrain models over the cave.

IV. GROUP REGISTRATION. For clubs, grottos, institutions,
businesses, and government agencies, the registration is $50,
which covers all Compass programs. Institutional registration
entitles you to install all Compass program on up to three
computers strictly for the use of the club, grotto,
institution, business or agency. (You should not use this
program to register everyone in your club. There are group
discounts for that purpose.)

V. GROUP AND QUANTITY DISCOUNTS. Quantity discounts are
available to grottos and other groups who wish to register
several copies. To qualify for a group discount, all
purchases must be made at one time. Be sure to submit the
names of each user with registration. The discounts are:

    5 to  9  Registrations - 10% discount.
   10 to 20  Registrations - 15% discount.
    Over 20  Registrations - 20% discount.

Contact me at the address below to arrange a group discount.

registered the DOS version of COMPASS before February 30,
1997 is automatically registered for the Windows version.

VII. COMPASS SUBSCRIPTIONS. Special "subscriptions" licenses
are available to institutions and groups that need on-going
technical supports. A COMPASS subscription entitles you to
five site licenses, telephone support, and other technical
services. The current cost of Compass subscriptions is $250
per year. For more information, contact:

Larry Fish
123 East Arkansas Avenue
Denver CO 80210
contact: (Follow contact link)

sometimes sold by caving stores, mail order companies and
other vendors. If you have purchased COMPASS from someone
other than Fountain Computer Products, you are entitled to
free registration for the item you purchased. Please include
a copy of the receipt with your registration form.

IX. OVERSEAS COMPASS USERS. I have had many question from
COMPASS users outside the United States about how to pay the
registration fees. Here are some options:

1. I now have the ability to accept Master Card and Visa
registrations through PayPals. Just go to the COMPASS web
page and follow the links. PayPals registration can be a bit
more complicated for overseas registrations because they
require extra security measures for people living outside the
United States. (This is apparently due to the fact that there
is a great deal of credit card fraud originating in Eastern
Europe.) However, in spite of the extra effort, many overseas
COMPASS users have been able register through PayPals.

2. If you don't have access to a credit card, The best way to
register is to purchase a Bank Transfer, Money Order,
Travelers Check or Bank Draft drawn on U.S. funds. This is
best method because it is cheap and safe.

3. You can purchase a similar instrument drawn on non-U.S.
funds. The problem with this for me is variation in exchange
rate. For example, you may get a 5 to 1 exchange rate,
whereas I will only get 5.5 to 1 exchange rate. Still the
difference is usually not that big, so if this is your only
option it is acceptable.

3. In some places it can be very difficult to get checks or
drafts. As a last resort, you can send currency. There is of
course a risk that the currency will be lost or stolen out of
mail. Use a thick envelope and wrap the money in paper, so it
isn't obvious there is currency inside.

X. EVALUATION COPIES OF COMPASS. The latest versions of
Compass are always available for download on the internet.
There is no special version of Compass for evaluation
purposes and none of the Compass programs are disabled or
time-limited in any way. Compass registration is strictly on
the honor system. Compass programs and the latest news is
available at this web site: 

Fountain Computer Products
123 E. Arkansas Avenue
Denver, CO 80210
USA (Follow contact link)


____ COMPASS For Windows Registration ............ @ $25.00  $______

____ Combined Registration ........... .............. @ $38.00  $______
     (For Windows, Dos, Database, Terrain Modeling etc. )                    

____ Institutional Registration .................. @ $50.00  $______
     (For clubs, businesses, institutions, and government agencies)
     (Site license for up to three computer for all Compass Programs)

Includes all COMPASS programs, utilities, and 400 megabytes of data. 

_____ CD-ROM - With Individual Registration .......@  $50.00  $______
      (For new users - $86 Value - Save $36) 

_____ CD-ROM - With Institutional Registration ....@  $85.00  $______
      (For clubs, businesses, institutions, and government agencies)
      ($110 value - Save $25)

_____ CD-ROM - For registered users. ..............@  $28.00  $______
      (For already registered individuals, clubs, institutions,
       businesses and agencies.)

_____ ADD SHIPPING AND HANDLING PER CD..............@  $5.00  $______

Prepaid Registration

____ COMPASS for Windows Prepaid Registration .... @  $0.00  $__0.00
     (For those who have purchased COMPASS from
      a vendor. Please Include copy of receipt.)

                                                      Total  $_______

Name: _________________________________________________________

Company: ______________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________



Phone: ________________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________