Reversing Shots

 Reversing Shots

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It is sometimes useful to reverse all the measurements in a shot. Reversing a shot can be useful in several different situations. For example, you may want convert a shot from a backsight to a foresight. It can also be used to untangle a complicated or incorrectly entered survey. Reversing a shot means:


1. Swapping the From and To stations.

2. Flipping the Azimuth by 180 degrees.

3. Changing the sign of the Inclination.

4. Exchanging the Up, Down, Right, Left between the From and To station.


You can reverse any of the individual items in a shot using Backsight Operations. You can reverse all the items in a shot at once by selecting the "Shots|Reverse All" option from the menu bar or by clicking on the Swap All Button on The Tool Bar.


You can reverse more than one shot at a time by selecting "Block|Reverse Shots" options from the menu. From this window you can selectively reverse a range of shots in the survey. Simply check the box of the items you want reversed, and set the range of shots you want to change. Clicking on the "OK" button reverses the shots you have selected. Sometimes when you reverse a shot, UDRL data is lost. For more information refer to Lost UDRL Data