Survey Name Page

Survey Name Page

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Page 2 - Survey Names. This option allows you to manipulate Survey Names in the survey heading.




In order for the item to be active, the Enable checkbox must be checked. The Survey Name option is similar to the other “Text Items” except that there are more options. In addition to the "Replace" and "Find/Replace" options described above, there is a "Prefix" and "Postfix" option. The "Prefix" option inserts the text from the "Replacement" edit window in front of the survey name. The "Postfix" option inserts the text in the "Replacement" edit window after the survey name. This can be useful when you have conflicting survey names.


Guess From Stations. This option allows you to generate survey names based on the the shots in the survey. This is useful if you have data where the survey names have been omitted from the file. Since Compass usually expects to have survey name that match the shot values, it possible for the program to deduce what the survey name could or should be by looking at the shots. The process isn't perfect and won't work properly for pattern of shots.


The process works by taking the From Station of the second shot. (The first shot often has connecting stations that are not a part of the survey.) It then extracts the initial alphabetic characters and uses them as the basis for the constructed survey name. Obviously, this will not work well if the shots are all numerical or other similar situations, however, it often works quite well.


Modifying The Data. When you have finished setting up the operations on all the pages that you want to carryout, simply press the OK button and the data will be modified. To abort the operation, press the Cancel button.