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Page 1 - Text Items. This item allows you to manipulate the "Cave Name", "Survey Comment" and "Survey Team" in the survey heading. In order for any of these items to be active, the corresponding Enable checkbox must be checked. Text items can be modified in two different ways: "Replace" and "Find/Replace." In the "Replace" mode, you enter text into the "Replacement" edit window and this text completely replaces the text in the heading. In the "Find/Replace" mode, the program looks for the characters in the "Find" edit window and replaces them with the text in the "Replacement" edit window. For example, correcting the spelling error "Carlbad Cavern" to "Carlsbad Cavern" would be very easy.




Modifying The Data. When you have finished setting up the operations on all the pages that you want to carryout, simply press the OK button and the data will be modified. To abort the operation, press the Cancel button.