Interactive Features

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Displaying Values. As you move the mouse cursor across the graph, the value that corresponds with its position on the graph is displayed. This enables you to make precise measurements of the graph angles, lengths and depths. On the Azimuth and Inclination roses, the angle and petal lengths are displayed. On the depth histograms the depth and bar length are displayed.


Highlighting Matching Passages. All graphs allow you to see which passages in the cave correspond to a particular angle or depth. You simply click-on a particular place on the graph and all the passages that match the angle or depth will be highlighted. The program also displays a count of the number of shots that are highlighted.


Note. When you click-on a graph the program highlights passages that correspond to a band that is centered on the point where you clicked. This means that unless you click right in the center of a band, the highlighted passages won't match the band.