Resizing, Copying and Saving

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Graph Size. You have complete control over the size and shape of the graphs. The graphs follow the size of the window and so it is easy to resize the graphs. To change the size of the window, you simply drag the edges of the window or press the "Maximize" button to change the windows size.


Copying Images. You can copy the any of the graph images to the Windows Clipboard. This allows you to paste a copy of the graph into other program like word processors. To copy a graph to the Clipboard, press the “Copy To Clipboard” button at the bottom of the graph.


Exporting Graph Images. In many instances, you will want to export one or more graphs for inclusion in reports, spreadsheets, and publications. The images can be exported as bitmaps, Windows Metafiles or Enhanced Windows Metafiles. Metafiles are the preferred method of exporting graphs, because the produce higher quality images.


To export a graph image, “Save To File” buttons at the bottom of each graph. Next select the file type and finally the filename. Enhanced Metafiles produce higher quality images than regular Metafiles, however, regular are still useful because they can be read by older programs.