Measurement Cursors

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The Measurement Tool works by placing two cursors on the screen. These cursors can be moved to any three-dimensional point within the cave. As these cursors are moved, the distance and angles between the cursors is constantly analyzed and displayed.


Cursors. The two cursors consist of a “Start” cursor and an “End” cursor. All angle measurements take place starting at the “Start” cursor and running to the “End” cursor. The program always draws a line connecting the two cursors so you can see the path of the measurement.


Moving Cursors. Only one of the cursors can be active at any one time and only the active cursor can be moved. The “active” cursor will appear as large, yellow cross hairs. If you click the left mouse button anywhere on the screen, the cross hairs will move and the line will follow. If you move the mouse and click again, the cross will move and a different line will be drawn. You can selectively activate either cursor and in this way, you can move the cursor to any location in the cave. Once the cursors are positioned, you simply read the values from the window.


The Mouse Cursor. If you move the mouse cursor around the screen, you will see the New value change. This value allows you to view the location of any point on the screen before you move the cursor.


3D Cursor Position. The cursors are three-dimensional objects that can be moved to any location in or around the cave. The cursors can be placed on stations, passages or in empty space unconnected to the cave itself. Placing the cursor in 3D can be difficult. See the discussion on 3D cursor placement for more information.