Measurement Options

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There are several options that can be used to configure the Measurement Tool.


1. Cursor Modifies. This option controls which cursor is active. If “Start” option is selected, the Start cursor is the active cursor and vice versa. The “Active” cursor has a “crosshairs” over it and it is the only cursor that can be moved. Whenever you click-on on the screen with the mouse cursor, the active cursor moves to the location of the click. In this way, you can move either cursor to any point on the screen.


2. Alternate Cursors. When this option is enabled, the active cursor alternates each time you click the mouse on the screen. This make it easy to position the Start and End cursors on different points in the screen because the active cursor is automatically changes each time you click. In effect, you can "walk" the cursors to specific locations on the screen. To enable alternating cursors, click "Alternate Cursors" checkbox.


3. Absolute/Relative Values. This option allows you to select whether absolute or relative values are displayed in the Measurement Window. In Absolute Mode, the absolute positions of the cursors are displayed. If the cave has been referenced to geographic coordinates such as UTM, the actual UTM coordinates will be displayed. In Relative Mode, the position displayed is relative to the entrance. If you are working with UTM coordinates in Absolute Mode, the numbers can be large and awkward. Switching to Relative Mode can make the numbers smaller and more meaningful.