Quad Labels

 Grid Labels

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Each cell can be labeled according to its row and column. Rows or columns can be numbered or lettered and the row and column can be displayed in any order. For example, a quad could be labeled AB21, 21AB, Z-A, etc. In other words, virtually any conceivable labeling scheme can be used. Here are the options:


1. Label Quads. This check box enables or disables the quad labeling. By disabling this option you can create quad maps without labels.


2. Decrement Columns/Rows. Normally, the letters or numbers that are used to label the cells start in the Northwest corner and are incremented as they move east and south. If either of these options are enabled, the values will be decremented. In other words, letters would be in reverse alphabetical order (Z,Y,X,W,V,U,T,S) and numbers in reverse numerical order (9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1). This allows you to create any conceivable labeling pattern.


3. Column/Row Label. This allows you control whether each row and column is labeled with a letter or a number. Again, this allows you to create any conceivable labeling pattern.


4. Label Order. This option controls whether the column part or the row part is the first item in the label. For example, a label could be displayed as "A1" or "1A" where "A" was the column and "1" is the row.


The font, font color and the grid-line color can be set using the Viewer’s color and font options. Note. If you are using a rotated grid, you must use True Type or Vector Fontsbecause other types of fonts cannot be rotated with the grid. Also, you must use Vector Fonts with most plotters.