Saving SVG Files

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You also have the option of exporting Compass plots as SVG files through a separate program called the "SVG Exporter." SVG files are very useful for cartography purposes because they be read by most commercial drawing programs such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.


The SVG Exporter also has special features that help keep your map up to date once it has been exported from Compass. The SVG Exporter is capable of Merging New data into an existing SVG drawing without disturbing the hand-drawn aspects of the files. In addition, the SVG Exporter can adjust the hand-drawn aspects of the program so the passage match any changes that might have occurred do to error correction and loop closure.


There is a detailed description of the Exporter along with tutorials here:


The SVG Exporter is available on the Compass Web site here: