Videos, Movies and Animations

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The Viewer allows you to create full motion videos from the plotted images of a cave. This can be very useful for visualizing large caves, surface terrain models or any situation where plotting takes a long time. For example, if you had a large cave and were doing Passage Wall Modeling, drawing would be too slow for real time 3D rotations. With full motion video, you can play back the images fast enough to get realistic real time 3D rotations. With surface terrain models, you can literally fly over the landscape as though you were in a flight simulator.


The Viewer has two methods of creating video: Animations and Movies. Movies work by saving one frame at time a time to memory. This give you precise control of the video and also allows you to create slide show like presentations. Animations work setting points and then having the computer smoothly move between those points. This makes it easier to generate smooth animations, but it gives you less controls.