Searching By Station Name

Searching By Survey Name

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If the cave is large, the survey list will be long, and you may have trouble finding the particular survey you are interested in. As a result, the program allows you to search the survey list for a particular survey.


Initiating A Search. To begin a search, simply click-on the "Find Surveys" button on the tool bar at the bottom of list. This will bring up the search window. You simply enter the text you want to search for and press the “Find Next” button. Each time the program locates a survey that matches your search text, the matching survey will be highlighted in the list, and program will highlight the survey on the screen.


Search Options. Searches always start at the highlighted survey. You can control the direction of the search by selecting the Up or Down buttons. You can also search for partial matches using "Wild Card" characters. The wild card character "?" will match any character. For example, "AB?" would match AB1, AB2, or ABC.