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The first page of the Survey Location Tool displays a list of all the surveys in the cave. If you click-on any survey in the list, the corresponding survey will be highlighted in the cave. This allows you to locate the position of any survey in the cave. Also, whenever a survey is selected, all the stations in that survey are displayed on the second page, the Stations Page.


List Items. The list also shows the date and the comment associated with of each survey. If the survey name, date or comment is too large for the column, you can drag the border of the heading of the column to make it bigger or smaller.


Options. There are several options that allow you to find, focus on and utilize the survey information. Here are detailed descriptions of each option:


Locating Surveys By Name.

Locating Surveys By Comment.

Identifying Surveys By Cursor.

Centering On A Survey.

Transferring To Complex.

Editing Surveys

Leave Highlight On